Curriculum Vitae

Daria RybaltovičWith my daughter

My name is Daria Rybaltovič and I'm glad to see you on my web-site.

My horoscope sign is Capricorn, that speaks for itself. So, as for my personalities, I only want to name responsibility and hating the hackwork (from my colleagues and subordinates I demand the same). Maby, it's because of my parents, who teached me if I started doing something, than I must did it on conscience.

I prefer democratic leadership style, which allows to maximally open the potential and show best results with prefer working, rather then with "must" work​​. Yeah, and to make me speak louder not so easy, cause I think that the best execution is self conscience.

My life way thesises:

I have a bachelor degree in applied informatic's science in design at Saint-Petersburg state polytechnical university (2009).

I have a master degree in applied informatic's science at Saint-Petersburg state polytechnical university (2009).

Graduated psychological faculty of Saint-Petersburg state university, specialty "Psyhology of managment" (2011).

The 20th of december 2012 I defended my thesis "Psychological features of users of online games with varying degrees of game addiction" for the degree of Candidate of Psychological Sciences (specialities 05.26.02 - safety in emergencies and 19.00.04 - medical psychology).

Was on educational practice in France and Italy.
I'm working as a web-designer since 2006 year, and as a graphic designer since 2005 year.

Language expirience: english (B2), lithuanian (A2).

Marital status: daughter Alisa (2013).

I was working (or still have worked) with follow companies: