Souvenirs in addition to the traditional classification of promotional gifts, business gifts, individual gifts and vip-gifts can also be divided in production material.

Wooden. In the manufacture of such products using wood alder, maple, birch, aspen, linden, etc. From the tree usually make small sculptures, jewelry, jewelry boxes, cigarette holders and cigarette cases, powder boxes, bread bins and fruit dishes, covers for albums and diaries, baskets etc. In short, wooden souvenirs presented as a decorative and functional gifts.

Metal. More often metal souvenirs are candlesticks, ashtrays, cutlery, sigaretnitsy and small sculpture (model of the monument), badges, medals, etc.

Stone. This includes objects (sculptures, vases, ashtrays, boxes, etc.), made of soft rocks stones, including amber. Stone souvenirs profitable wholesale book - it's much cheaper. Moreover, objects made of stone, are long-lived.

Ceramic. Made of porcelain, pottery and other ceramics, these souvenirs - one of the most beautiful and elegant. Ordered more often these types of ceramic souvenirs, such as toys, tableware and decorations.

The main thing that was on souvenirs logo. Then they will not only please their owners, but also to remind her giver companies.